Shipping vehicles is one of the most complicated logistics processes. For this, you will need to acquire help from professional logistics experts that are able to provide suitable transportation for your vehicle. Still, vehicle shipping is not all about transport. A logistics company must be able to provide crating services, storage, customs brokerage, and insurance to meet the needs of quality vehicle shipping services. All of this you can find at Gateway Moving & Relocation Costa Rica.

We are a family-based logistics company for all your residential and commercial, local and international, relocation needs. If you are planning to move and you have a vehicle to ship as well, contact us today, and we will start preparing a custom logistics plan that will ensure the safe delivery of your vehicle anywhere on the planet.

We offer quality vehicle shipping services

Reliability and experience are our most important traits

Transporting large and valuable objects like your vehicle requires special attention. To ensure this, you need to make sure that you will be working with reliable and experienced vehicle logistics professionals that will provide your vehicle with the necessary care. And this is exactly what we offer to our clients.

If you decide on our services, you will be getting reliable and proven logistics assistance that will move your vehicle safely and deliver it on time. Do not risk your valuable vehicle's safety by hiring cheap and unreliable shippers. Trust us with your items and concentrate on other tasks that you have to do.

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We offer a full range of vehicle shipping solutions

As we already mentioned, auto shipping is not all about transport. A shipping company that will be carrying your vehicle must be able to provide a number of different services that should all work together to provide it with the necessary care. That is why we are recognized as one of the number one vehicle carriage companies in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We will provide your vehicle with all the necessary care to ensure its safe and on-time delivery. Here is what offer:

  • Industrial crating to ensure that your vehicle is perfectly protected during long and difficult overseas transport
  • Storage services are available if needed
  • Customs brokerage service to ensure quick and easy
  • Moving and shipping insurance

To ensure the safety of your package we offer our industrial crating services

Our industrial crating service will provide your vehicle with perfect protection

To provide safety during transport your vehicle must be provided with suitable protection. And that is exactly what you will get if you decide on Gateway Moving & Relocation Costa Rica and our vehicle carriage services. Your vehicle will be safely tucked in in a custom made wooden crate that will keep your vehicle safe during the roughest sea conditions.

Storing your vehicle properly in every situation

Need a safe place to store your vehicle until you need it again? Our company provides a variety of storage solutions that are suitable for safekeeping your vehicle. Moreover, if your car will be traveling across the sea to a distant destination, there is a big chance that it will need to be stored for a while. If you decide on your shipping services, you can rest assured that your auto will be handled and stored in a proper manner.

Confused about required documents?

Let our customs brokerage service handle it for you

Every country has different laws and regulations regarding import and export. Naturally, that includes vehicles as well. Still, handling all paper and documents that your car needs to be accompanied with is not a simple task. Even for experienced shipping companies. Luckily for you, our company offers a customs brokerage service that is specialized in handling all kinds of customs-related documents. If you trust us to transport your vehicle, our customs service will handle those as well.

Your precious cargo will be insured if you decide on our services

Even though we are one of the world's most reliable shipping companies you cannot be too careful when handling vehicles. That is why we offer our clients moving insurance that will cover your cargo in a case if an accident happens.

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We offer a variety of residential and commercial relocation services

Additional relocation services we offer

We understand that you will be transporting your vehicle as a part of a larger relocation process. To provide you with the complete international moving experience we offer a wide array of moving services. No matter whether you are relocating your home or you are moving your company overseas our company can cover it all. Here are the services we offer:

  • Local moving
  • International moving
  • Packing supplies
  • Piano and fine art moving
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If you are in a need of vehicle shipping service and everything that goes along, remember to call Gateway Moving & Relocation Costa Rica. We offer full relocation services for individuals and businesses from around the world. Do not hesitate any longer, get our free moving quote today, and we will start crafting a custom plan that will cover all your relocation and shipping needs.

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