´╗┐Running a business these days means operating in a globalized economy. You hire experts from Europe, use services in the United States, and import products from China. Simultaneously, you want to reach a global customer base with your own products by exporting all over the world. But international shipping isn't quite that easy and straightforward. There are rules to be followed every time your shipments cross national borders. As experts on international mobility, Gateway Moving & Relocation Costa Rica has plenty of experience with this. And the good news is that we offer excellent customs brokerage services that will make import and export easy for you. So contact us when dealing with international shipping and we will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

The process of shipping things across national borders is easier with customs experts on your side

Ensure a time-efficient customs clearance of your shipment with ease

Commercial international shipping is an involved process. It's not as simple as packing your products in a box and dropping them off at a post office. There are more steps to import and export of goods than the simple act of delivering items from one location to another. And something that complicates the process is the legal aspect of getting things in and out of the country. Different countries have different regulations as to what can and cannot be imported, how much different items are taxed, and what kind of documentation is required for them. Additionally, these rules change quite often. To stay on top of all this takes a lot of time and dedication.

When you have your own business to run, trying to keep up with customs regulations all over the world on top of everything else is just going to cause you a lot of stress. Luckily, there's an easy way to clear customs quickly and with no issues every time - rely on Gateway Moving & Relocation Costa Rica customs experts! We do all the research, filing, and tracking for you. That way, you don't have to spend hours trying to find the relevant customs laws but you can still rest assured that your shipment won't encounter any problems.

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Hire experts in the field of customs brokerage and never worry about customs again

As part of our comprehensive moving services Costa Rica, Gateway Moving & Relocation Costa Rica can help ensure that your international shipments clear customs without any issues. Our brokers are dedicated professionals with years of experience in international logistics. On your behalf, we will:

  • Ensure that your shipments meet the international regulations of import and export
  • Prepare, evaluate, and submit all the necessary documentation and payments
  • Communicate with government agencies regarding your shipments

As always, our services are tailored to your needs. We will therefore examine each shipment individually and in detail in order to find the best possible solution for your specific situation.

You can do business anywhere in the world and never have issues with customs when you rely on our experts

We will correctly classify your shipment and ensure you never pay more than you need to

It is incredibly important to classify your shipment correctly. This will affect the specific rules of import and export that apply, the documents that must be filed, and the price you'll pay in taxes among other things. So if you want an accurate moving cost estimate and a stress- free experience with shipping, this is a step you need to take seriously. And we most certainly do! That way, we make sure not only that your shipments clear customs but also that they do so without unnecessary additional costs to you.

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We know the rules and regulations of international import and export

Whenever you're crossing national borders, you must obey the laws of both the origin and destination country. As international moving experts, we know the details and intricacies of customs regulations for different items and different countries. So regardless of what you're importing or where from, we will help you do it in accordance with local laws.

We will gather, fill out, and file all the necessary documentation for you

When importing and exporting goods, it is of vital importance to keep track of all the necessary documentation. From origin certificates to value assessments to tax recovery filings, we will prepare everything you need. Then we will help you fill it out correctly and ensure that it is filed in due time. Whether you are trading in pharmaceuticals or vehicle shipping, we know exactly what documents you'll need.

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We will facilitate a smooth and quick customs clearance process

Ultimately, it is our goal to provide you with a smooth, quick, and stress-free experience with customs. To that end, we foster relationships in the logistics world, communicate with the Costa Rica customs department, and stay up-to-date on all the regulations of import and export. This is how we stay at the top of the game and provide you with the best possible services. Regardless of what you're importing, what borders it's crossing, or what type of port it's coming through, we will make sure that customs are never a problem.

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Enjoy some of our other commercial services

Customs brokerage is not the only thing we offer to your business. Our corporate services extend to all your moving and storage needs.

  • We offer local moving services for both offices and homes
  • We will help you move internationally as an individual or as a business
  • Our storage units San Jose are perfect for keeping your personal and professional belongings
  • Our packing services Costa Rica will protect your products and belongings during transportation

As you can see, a wide variety of both residential and commercial services is at your disposal. So whatever you're moving and wherever you're moving, know that we can help you get there.

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Get the best customs brokerage services for your business by contacting us today

Customs brokerage services are an excellent way to make import and export easier for your business. And there is no one better for the job than Gateway Moving & Relocation Costa Rica. So don't waste any time - contact us and tell us about what you're shipping. We will make sure that customs are never a problem you have to worry about.

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