Have you been searching for a way to declutter your home of all those extra belongings that you value but just don't have space for? You've been delaying the process of finding that space for so long but you know that you need to take care of it now that your planning on moving. Gateway Moving and Relocation offers spacious and secure storage options both for your household and business. You can rent our units short or long term and we will safeguard for you anything from a document to a vehicle. Call us to enquire about the sizes of storage units. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Best of all, you will discover that we have some of the lowest monthly fees for storage units San Jose has to offer.

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If you are struggling to find space in your home, we can help you store your belongings safely and restore order in your home. There are many bulky items in your home which take up too much space. Oftentimes, such items are not used that frequently. Other times, you have a hard time saying goodbye to your possessions. Leave them with us because we will provide you with some of the best storage Costa Rica has.

Items you may want to give us for safekeeping are:

  • Camping equipment - this is an activity which you can enjoy only a few times a year
  • Sports equipment - such as skis and other skiing clothing
  • Bikes and motorbikes - during winter, you usually can't ride them
  • Holiday decorations - all those boxes will be protected until you have to use them again next year
  • Seasonal clothes - winter jackets and coats take up a lot of space
  • Old baby furniture and clothes you can't part with
  • Memorabilia - all those valuables which may not go with the decor of your home, but you can't get rid of
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There are several reasons why you may need our short-term storage services

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1. You are remodeling your home - all your furniture will be protected from dirt and dust. Also, the renovation process will end more quickly because you will not have to work around or jump over hefty furniture.

2. You are moving to a new house - if you are moving in with your partner or a new roommate, you may realize that you have more furniture than you can fit in. If you don't feel like selling or donating, you can rent a storage unit where we will keep your belongings safe until your next relocation to a bigger space. Also, there may be a delay between the sale of your new house and buying the new one. In case you are in temporary accommodation, Gateway Moving and Relocation can provide you with a short-term storage solution.

3. You are a student - during holidays, while you are back at your family's place, it is both cheaper and safer to store your belongings in one of the storage units San Jose offers.

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We have plenty of conveniently located storage units for rent at competitive prices

We offer great storage solutions at affordable prices with no hidden fees. If you rent from us, you can be certain that your valuables will be kept in high-quality storage for as long as you need. You can access your belongings freely whenever you want. Also, you can easily switch to bigger or smaller units, should you have a need to downsize or upgrade. We have units of various sizes that can comfortably accommodate anything from bulky furniture to vehicles. Finally, you can trust us to return your items in the same condition as they arrived, which our clients can testify.

We offer packing supplies to keep your items safe

We can assist you and guide you through the entire process of renting a storage unit. With your needs and budget in mind, we will help you find the unit suitable for the amount of the items you plan to leave with us. Additionally, we will give you helpful tips on what to pay attention to when choosing a unit. For instance, you have to remember to rent a unit big enough for you to come in. You should also leave some room to move around. Some clients make the mistake of renting a unit that they can fill completely. So, if you need to access a certain box you will have to take everything out and later put it back in.

To avoid unnecessary hustle, it is important to have someone experienced guide you towards the right decision. If you put your trust in us, you will know why we provide some of the best storage Costa Rica can offer. We offer full moving service Costa Rica. If you are in need of packing supplies San Jose for storing your valuables, you are in the right place. We have a range of supplies on offer, so we can cater to your every need.

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Once you have made a decision about renting a storage unit, contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. All you have to do is decide how big a storage unit you need and what you want to do with your belongings. We at Gateway Moving and Relocation will do the best we can to create an offer suited for your individual needs. Don't hesitate to get in touch and we will convince you that there is a reason why we are one of the go-to providers of storage units San Jose can brag about. You will finally be able to free up your basement and attic and use that space for better purposes.

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